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Terra Ex Ltd is the branch company of our mother company TERRA GROUP INTERNATIONAL (TEG) TEG company is located in the greater LONDON area, United Kingdom. We are dedicated to all E.U, UK domestic sales of our products. Because we are a direct company of our oversea branches, and we are able to provide our customers the best quality products at the lowest price.

We carry the best selections and quality and fashion accessories, at the most competitive pricing.

Our products  are all  fashion stylish and with best quality, made by industrial professionals.

Our goal is to deliver the great variety of selections to our customers.

Tera ex ltd is the biggest importer and Wholesaler of GLASS CRYSTALS from CRYSTALINE DMC PLUS™

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Welcome to the website of Korea DMC branch Europe

The Difference Between Low and High Quality Hot Fix Crystals

Hot fix crystals are being widely used in the textile and garment industry to create impressive motif designs. The designs add glamour to the clothes appearance. Many of the designs are also used as company logos on shirts, whose outstanding designs help promote business. The motifs created from hot fix crystals have several other applications and are becoming an integral part of the fashion industry. Crystals' quality is determined based on their cut, facets, and color. Depending on the aforementioned factors, they are categorized as Swarovski crystals, Preciosa crystals, Korean DMC rhinestones, Korean rhinestones and China rhinestones. Among these, Swarovski and Preciosa (Czech) crystals are the most expensive, and considered to be the best quality. Korean DMC is more sparkle and colorful then Chinese and more cheaper then Swarovski and Preciosa.

The last 2009/2011 Generation Korean DMC Hotfix crystal have very strong thermo glue and for some kind of textile is better then Preciosa and all Chinese DMC brands.

Determining the quality of hot fix crystals is possible just by inspecting them visually. High quality crystals generally produce more glitter and glitz compared to the low quality ones; they have that extra bit of sparkle to attract attention. The extra glitter in high quality crystals is due to their finer edged cutting, giving them sharp and smooth facets. In comparison, low quality crystals do not have sharp edges or facets. While their glitter is the easiest method of establishing the quality of crystals, most manufacturers also assign them various distinctive grades for ease of identification. This grading is done on the basis of the quality of cuts, colors and shapes of the crystals, with higher grades specifying better quality crystals.

Other important characteristics for our Korean DMC rhinestones grading include the bottom diameter sizes and standard sizes of crystals. Our Korean DMC are high quality crystals are always precisely cut, their bottom diameter size perfectly matches the standardized sizes. Smaller or larger bottom diameters generally means the crystals are of lower quality.

With regard to color to our Korean DMC Rhinestones, high quality crystals are of uniform color throughout, while low quality crystals might look dark from one angle and lighter from another. In terms of shapes, high quality crystals come in various perfectly-cut shapes including stars, flowers, pendants, etc.

Lower quality crystals, on the other hand, are unable to be cut into the finer edges required for achieving these sharp, well-defined shapes, and so can be easily identified at a glance. Over and above these identifiers, once can also differentiate between low and high quality hot fix crystals by their adherence to fabrics. High quality crystals will stick to almost all fabrics quickly and strongly, and won't come off during washing. They also require less ironing to adhere to the material. Low quality hot fix crystals do not carry any of these characteristics, and therefore require lots of effort to get adhere, but very few to come off the fabric.

What is Korean DMC Rhinestones CRYSTALINE DMC PLUS?

Korean DMC Rhinestone, also known as Imitated Swarovski and Preciosa Rhinestone, has similar brightness and polished facets as Preciosa rhinestones. Korean DMC are Double machine multi cut glass stones with 12 cutting sides/12 facets also like a Preciosa. In the World only Swarovski XILION CHATON ROSE have 14 facets and everyone know Swarovski as World leader in World crystal Brands. Strong thermo glue is available on back side if stones. Flat-back (NON glue) DMC stone is also available.

The good low price period start with Korean DMC crystals come again. Our quality of Korean DMC rhinestone are more better than Chinese stones, and our color DMC are higher than China glass stones! Our Korean DMC rhinestone have the same quality as Preciosa, but only 50% price of Preciosa's price. Our DMC is "Korean Swarovski" but you can buy them for 30-40 % Swarovski price in Europe

We will provide you iron-on heat transfer Hot Fix only Korean origin, five-star Grade AAA . Our mission to supply all our customers with Rhinestone quality Ranking No. 1 and impress you with rhinestones No. 1 of all Korean Hot Fix Brands.

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